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Webinar 2

Vanilla Career Advice: Defining the Future of DEI Efforts in Career Service Programming

by Tierney Bates | Feb 15, 2023

This presentation, led by award-winning student affairs professional Dr. Tierney Bates, will address how institutions can create meaningful equitable and inclusive practices and career-centered practitioner teams, plus address employers.
Webinar 1

Applying Microcredentials for a Life Design of Student Success in a Changing World

by Tierney Bates | Feb 03, 2023

This presentation, led by award-winning student affairs professional Dr. Tierney Bates, will address how to prepare your students for a possible recession and a changing job market, help them become career ready, and add to their unique value proposition.
Past Webinar

Vault Career Readiness Resources for Nursing and Liberal Arts Majors

by | Jan 10, 2022

At Vault, we’re always looking for better ways to help you serve the students who rely on your career center with Vault pre-application readiness resources.
Smiling business team discussing work in meeting using laptop and documents in conference room. Successful business woman and businessmen discussing marketing strategy and ideas at meeting room. Corporate business man and woman with manager and secretary working together. 2022/11/iStock-1413759113.jpg
Past Webinar

Important 2023 Employment Trends

by Dr. Thomas D. Iwankow | Dec 13, 2022

Join Dr. Thomas D. Iwankow as he discusses the challenges and trends of 2023 to create more impactful connections for your employers and students.
Happy Hispanic gen Z student girl with headphones visiting public library for work on study research project, holding learning papers, notebook, looking at camera, smiling. Head shot portrait 2022/10/Young-Student.jpg
Past Webinar

Strategies to Engage Your Faculty with the Career Center

by Dr. Thomas D. Iwankow | Nov 17, 2022

Learn the latest strategies to effectively engage faculty into your students’ career readiness journey.
Past Webinar

Quiet Quitting: Well-Being, Mindfulness & Privilege

by Adam A. Smith | Nov 09, 2022

This webinar will provide business leaders and professionals of all ages with an understanding of the concept of quiet quitting and tools on how to create work environments where all team members do not merely survive, but thrive.