Virtual Events & Career Fairs

Connect Students with the Opportunities They Need to Succeed

Attract regional, national, diverse, and niche employers with virtual events

2023 Hiring Outlook

Employers Project 14.7% Increase in Hiring for Class of 2023 College Graduates

Virtual Events Types

  • Host your own campus virtual event with limited effort
    • We do 90%+ of the heavy lifting from setup to event day support for a wide variety of fair types.
      – Virtual career events
      – Grad school & admissions events
      – Networking & career readiness events
      – Hybrid events with on-campus registration and scheduling
  • Access exclusive Vault Virtual Career Fairs with educational programming hosted by top-rated Vault employers
  • Share a wide array of monthly CareerEco virtual events ranging from grad school to virtual career fairs

CareerEco Virtual Events Capabilities

  • Hosted 1,000s of virtual events over the last 10 years with outstanding customer service
  • Top-rated by G2 for ease of use, quality of support, and ease of setup
  • Unique revenue sharing model for campus virtual events



Virtual Event Advantages

Supports university sustainability initiatives

  • According to a University of Michigan study, a virtual event reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 66% vs. an in-person event
  • Encourages greater participation
  • Reaches off-campus student populations
  • Supports DEI and accessibility requirements
  • Provides more employment opportunities
  • Accessible to more small-to-medium businesses
  • Reaches more regional and national employers

Student and Employer Most Popular Features

Top Student Features

  • Candidate profile attracts employers
  • Employer invitations for 1:1 interviews
  • Employer profiles and job postings
  • Virtual waitlist queue for 1:1s
  • Attend employer panels and presentations