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Virtual and video interviewing, expansive reach, employer branding, and accelerated digital transformation requires recruiters to tailor experiences to the candidates preferences.  Like work, hiring processes are evolving. 


Onboarding & Training

Onboarding is an important but often overlooked area to reduce turnover. According to a Gallup poll only 12% of employees strongly agree their organization does a great job on onboarding new employees. Poor onboarding leads to new hire remorse (aka shift shock) which affected 72% of respondents in a 2022 muse survey.


Marketing & Branding

Social media, virtual events, and digital transformation gives candidates the ability to research, connect with current employees, and choose the positions most suitable for them. When done strategically, this can reduce recruitment costs for employers as well. Make sure your brand consistently attracts the employees that will excel at your company.


Diversity & Inclusion

Vault Law’s 2022 DEI Survey reveals progress in many areas, but gaps remain. For example, 27% of associates are minorities but only 11% of equity partners are minorities. Explore Vault’s DEI blogs, surveys, webinars and virtual events.


Upskilling & Professional Development

76% of global workers indicate they aren’t ready for the future of work and lack the skills needed to do their job – Global Digital Skills Index. This validates the importance that upskilling is paramount for every business, student and career professional to continuously adapt to change and learn new skills.


Virtual Events

According to a 2022 NACE survey, there is no difference in student attendance at virtual or in-person career fairs. Plus, 84% of employers plan to use hybrid recruiting efforts, with almost 50% reporting virtual recruiting as making hiring easier. See the 2023 line-up of exclusive Vault virtual events.

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