Learn How Morgan State University Uses Firsthand For Effective Career Advising

Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD, is a longtime subscriber of Firsthand (formerly Vault Campus) and a Historically Black College/University (HBCU). In this case study, Seana T. Coulter, M.Ed., NCC, BC-TMH, Director of MSU’s Center for Career Development, shares her experience, advice, and ideas on effective career advising for today’s students and career landscape. She also discusses the best practices for virtual interviewing and how Firsthand helps her students prepare for life after graduation.

How MSU Empowers Its Students to Discover Their Best Next Step


1. Intrusive Advising for Careers

  • Blanket the campus with materials advertising career services and upcoming career-related events
  • Set up tables in high-trafficked areas and spoke to students about career development as they exited their classrooms
  • Work collaboratively with faculty and present career workshops to classes
  • Maintain an open-door policy allowing students to drop in for appointments
  • During COVID: Hold a full virtual summer orientation for freshmen, introducing them to career services like Firsthand and having them take career assessments, explore career options, develop future plans, and meet virtually with their assigned Career Specialists


2. Virtual Interview Coaching

  • Provide students with information that will lead to their success in virtual interviews, including Firsthand resources, articles, and guides
  • Conduct mock interviews with students and offer valuable feedback
  • Offer a platform that allows students to practice and record interview sessions based on their chosen industry


3. Using Firsthand

  • Direct those who are seeking experience to company reviews/rankings and Explore Internships
  • Direct alumni to industry guides and jobs
  • Share excerpts (via email and on social media) from Firsthand articles that are timely with the campus community and include the link from Firsthand to read the complete article

”Firsthand is such a comprehensive resource. There is something for everyone.”